The Only Constant Is Change

That's one of the wonderful things about life!

To Slow Time Down, Practice Enjoying The Moment.

Mindfulness is a big part of Qi Gong practice, being present in the Body Mind and Spirit all at the same time.

Perseverance Brings Good Fortune

Consistent practice is the key to transformation. Far better to practice 5 minutes every day, than for an hour once a week.

New clinic opening!

I've moved operations to a new location in Vancouver at My Rest Acupuncture Studio at 18th and Main. I'm practicing acupuncture, herbalism and Medical Qi Gong Therapy here on Thursday mornings and Friday afternoons. You can book appointments here. Find out more about my unique style of Qi Gong informed acupuncture and herbalism by going to the Therapeutic Services menu.

Qi Gong Classes at My Rest

I'm now teaching a new series of Qi Gong classes at My Rest Acupuncture Studio on Wednesday evenings. The first series will start when we have enough student interest for this new location and time. Please get in contact with me at 604-600-3756 or to indicate your interest!

Current Classes

The Wednesday morning on-line class and the Friday morning West End Community Center class continue. These are hour long classes based on the 5 element foundational healing workout. This full spectrum routine is a complete energetic workout that cleanses and strengthens your immune system and vital organs. It's a great time now to get in touch with these subtle energies. To check out my current schedule, pricing and connectivity details, go to the Qi Gong Classes page.