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Healing with Divine Energy

In therapeutic qigong, dis-ease is treated by correcting the body’s Yin and Yang imbalances. From this perspective, the patient’s symptoms are not viewed as the cause of the disease, but rather as a manifestation of an underlying energetic imbalance. Each patient may have different energetic imbalances causing what appears to be the same type of external disease. Qi Gong energy healing and treatment is specific to each patient’s pattern of disharmony. The final aim is to balance Yin and Yang to regulate the physiological functions of the body.

What this means in practice is that we work together to encourage healing and balance, sending energy through your body and clear the blockages to energetic flow as they come up. These blockages may manifest as tingling, heat, pain, vibration, chills, painful memories, etc. Often blockages and imbalances are resolved simply through guiding Qi through the client’s body. Soul retrieval, talk therapy, guided visualization, acupressure massage, channeling and mediumship all may come into play. Magic happens in the session!

An in-depth conversation about Medical Qi Gong

In the summer of 2023 I was a guest on the Beyond Wellness Podcast, hosted by Rose Blaich. I had worked with Rose in the past and knew her to be an interested and informed listener. If you want to know more about the work that I do, listening to this podcast would be a great start ????.

A great conversation about Medical Qi Gong

In Person/Table Treatments & Rates

Sattva studio healing space

We start by discussing your current physical, emotional and spiritual condition and the reason you have come for care.

Then you lie face up on a massage table, fully clothed, while I conduct an energetic diagnosis and get a sense of the situation. Often the session will begin with a guided meditation to bring you into a relaxed and receptive state.

Treatment ensues with you relaxing on the table while I purge excess and stagnant energy from the body and tonify deficiencies. Full treatments usually include an hour or more of table work. I work with hands both on and off the body, so light touch and acupressure massage may be involved. Some sessions are conducted entirely in silence and others include dialogue or simple spoken instructions. Sensations such as warmth, tingling, coolness, vibration, or mild twitching may arise as held or blocked energy releases.

After the treatment, we discuss the session. Medical Qi Gong exercises and meditations will usually be prescribed, to enhance the healing benefits of the session. A central aim of this work is to empower you as your own healer by working with these exercises and meditations. I often find that the clients who follow through with the prescriptions get the best results.

Session Rates

$150 – Initial Consultation & Treatment (90 minutes)
$120 – Follow up Treatment (60 minutes)
$170 – Follow up Treatment (90 minutes)
$220 – Follow up Treatment (120 minutes)
$75   – Short Follow Up Treatment (30 minutes)

On-line Sessions & Rates:

Online Medical or Shamanistic Qi Gong treatment is very effective. The visual and auditory connection acts as a conduit for healing energy, thus the work is very similar to an in-person treatment.

We start by discussing the reason you have come for care. Then we move into an energetic diagnosis and treatment. You may experience vibration, warmth, tingling and more during the treatment as energy is moved and blockages are released. There may be dialogue and creative visualization during the treatment. After treatment, we will discuss your experience. Meditations and Qi Gong exercises will be prescribed as needed.

Be prepared to spend some time in stillness while receiving treatment, so have a comfortable sitting or lying down arrangement for the duration of the session.


Online sessions are priced at $100/hour (CND) in 15 minute increments. This is payable by e-transfer (if you are in Canada) or Paypal invoice.

If you are interested in booking an online session, please get in touch through the Contact Page of this website.

“Thank you, Jacob, for guiding us on this path of wisdom, balance and well-being”


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