Qigong Classes

Arms raised These Qi Gong movement classes use as a foundation the Taoist Five Element series, which focus on balancing the acupuncture meridians and the major organ systems of the body.  The exercises we learn are designed to restore homeostasis to the body. They are especially good for detoxifying the emotions.  We also incorporate healing sounds and guided meditations.

Class Information

Thursday Afternoons  12:30 to 1:30 pm

View from Horseshoe BayDocs On The Bay

6422 Bay St, West Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay    604-921-7120

An ongoing class in a beautiful studio looking out over Horseshoe Bay, above Docs On The Bay medical clinic.  We’re working  with the Taoist 5 Element Form and often include a Shen Gong meditation at the end of the class if time permits.  $20/class Drop in fee.

The Fall 2018 season starts on Thursday, September 6th.

These classes are on going.  


Monday Nights 8 – 9 pm

West End Community Center

870 Denman St, Vancouver   (604) 257-8333

The Fall 2018 season starts on September 10th and runs until December 10th.

We will be  learning a gentle Qi Gong exercise form that supports physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We quiet the mind and settle the emotions, allowing us to awaken to the subtle energetic flows within the body. Learn how to work with Qi (life force energy) through movement, breath and visualization. Suitable for all fitness levels. Drop-in: Adult $12.00; Seniors $10.00, space permitting or sign up for the entire session at $10/class ($8/class for seniors).  Register here.





Qi Gong class at the Hidden Bamboo Grove in Stanley Park

Qigong at the Hidden Bamboo Grove in Stanley Park



Friday Mornings 11:00 am to Noon

West End Community Center

870 Denman St, Vancouver   (604) 257-8333

The fall 2018 season starts on September 14th with a free class!  The class continues until December 14th.  Drop-ins are welcome.

Beginner class, introduction to Taoist 5 Element Form. $12 drop in fee ($10 for seniors)  or take the whole series for $10/class ($8/class for seniors).  Register here.



5 Element Qi Gong

Fridays 1:30 – 2:25 pm

West Vancouver Community Center

2121 Marine Dr., W. Vancouver,   604-925-7270

We are not holding classes here over the summer.  The fall season starts on September 7th and runs until December 21st.

Enhance your body’s own natural healing ability through the use of gentle movement, self massage, visualization and guided meditation to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and improve your general health. Qi Gong exercise is widely acknowledged as a safe and effective way to improve mobility, strengthen the joints and alleviate pain. This class can be taken sitting or standing and will address symptoms in all parts of the body.  Cost for full series:  $188.00. Drop ins:  $13.00


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