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Live Classes are back!


The Path Unfolds


Qi Gong is about achieving balance, finding that timeless space within us where our true nature resides.  By letting go of the distractions of mind and the endless soap opera of emotional disharmony, we find ourselves stepping onto the path of destiny, manifesting our true purpose in life.

This Qi Gong is easily accessible, consisting in this class of a series of gentle movements that coordinate body, breath and intention, and is suitable for all fitness levels.  It is an internal art, which means that what is seen on the exterior is but a suggestion of the depths experienced within.  We focus on the subtle senses, opening up that inner awareness that is so often overlooked in the modern world.

I will guide you in exploring the geography of the Traditional Chinese energetic universe, including:

  • the three Dantiens: body, heart and mind
  • the rivers of energy flow that we know as the acupuncture meridians
  • the 5 elements, their correspondence to our internal anatomy and emotional life
  • and so much more…

Yin/Yang fish

Live Classes:

Friday Morning Qi Gong   10:30am to 11:30am

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January 14th to March 11th, 2022

West End Community Center    870 Denman St., Vancouver, BC

Register here or at the front desk.  Full series $135, or drop-in at $15/class.


Wednesday Morning Qi Gong   10 to 11 am

Ongoing Online Class via Zoom

Classes open about 9:45 for students to check in, resolve any technical issues and connect with community.  We’ll keep the meeting open afterwards as well, to answer questions and continue to foster that community connection. 


Classes will be held on the  Zoom Meeting app.  In order to join, send an email to jacob63@gmail.com to let me know that you would like to attend.  When payment is received, you will be sent a link to the class with more details.


I’m now offering access to a recording of each class for the week following the class.  The cost to access these recordings is the same as the cost of a class, so if you were to both do the class and have access to the recording, it would be for the price of two classes.  Each recording retires in seven days on the day of the following week’s class.

Pricing (Canadian $)

$10 for a single class, $45 for a package of 5 classes and $80 for a package of 10 classes. 

Methods of Payment

eTransfer to jacob63@gmail.com or direct transfer (if you bank at  Vancity) work the best.  If you would prefer to use a credit card, you will be sent an invoice through Paypal.  This is a great option for people not living in Canada.  You could also send a check in the mail.  If you have another preferred option, let me know.

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