Healing Treatments

Healing with Divine EnergyIn Qi Gong healing, dis-ease is treated by correcting the body’s Yin and Yang imbalances. From this perspective, the patient’s symptoms are not viewed as the cause of the disease, but rather as a manifestation of an underlying energetic imbalance. Each patient may have different energetic imbalances causing what appears to be the same type of external disease. Treatment is specific to each patient’s pattern of disharmony. The final aim is to balance Yin and Yang to regulate the physiological functions of the body.

What this means in practice is that we work together to send energy through your body and clear the blockages to energetic flow as they come up.  These blockages may manifest as tingling, heat, pain, vibration, chills, painful memories, etc.  Often blockages and imbalances are resolved simply through guiding Qi through the client’s body.  Soul retrieval, talk therapy, guided visualization, acupressure massage, channeling and mediumship all may come into play.  Magic happens on the table!

What to expect in a table treatment

Sattva studio healing spaceWe start by discussing your current physical, emotional and spiritual condition and the reason you have come for care.

Then you lie face up on a massage table, fully clothed, while I conduct an energetic diagnosis and get a sense of the situation.  Often the session will begin with a guided meditation to bring you into a relaxed and receptive state.

Treatment ensues with you relaxing on the table while I purge excess and stagnant energy from the body and tonify deficiencies. Full treatments usually include an  hour or more of table work. I work with hands both on and off the body, so light touch and acupressure massage may be involved. Some sessions are conducted entirely in silence and others include dialogue or simple spoken instructions. Sensations such as warmth, tingling, coolness, vibration, or mild twitching may arise as held or blocked energy releases.

After the treatment, we discuss the session. Medical Qi Gong exercises and meditations may be prescribed, to enhance the healing benefits of the session.  A central aim of this work is to empower you as your own healer by working with these exercises and meditations.

Qi Coaching

Trees touching

Qi Coaching healing sessions are more interactive than the table treatments.  We assess your needs and what you would like to achieve from the work.  We explore the physical, emotional and mental challenges that you are dealing with in your life.  I work with you to find ways in which to release the restraints under which you are operating.  Techniques include talk therapy, movement, meditations and qi emission therapy in the course of a session.

I recommend that we do these session outdoors (weather permitting) in a natural setting.  You will learn to open up to the natural world, and connect with the life force that surrounds us.  Nature is a powerful ally in the pursuit of self development.  Take advantage of the treasures that are to be found in the earth and in the heavens which are our birthright.

Qi Gong Personal TrainingQi Gong disciple

The personal training option takes what we do in the group classes to the next level.  I work with you one on one to assess where you are at in your movement work, working with your posture, breath and visualization. I help you design a personal practice that is customized to your needs, giving my full attention to finding what works best for you.

Healing Session Rates

New Winter Sale Rates!  (Good until March 21st, 2019)

1/2    hour           $50.00

1       hour           $80.00

1 1/2 hours        $100.00

2       hours        $120.00

Package Prices:

4 Full Sessions, paid in advance      $400 (regularly $480.00)


Winter 2019:

Mondays and Thursdays at 3pm

Weekends are quite open, but I prefer Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

If these times don’t fit into your schedule, let’s see if we can find another time that suits both of us.  This schedule changes as of March 23rd, 2019.  After that I will have much more availability during the week.


I work out of my home at 2176 William St. (and Templeton) in east Vancouver.  Contact me to set up a time.  There is also the possibility of doing house calls in the local area.  Contact me for more information.

“Thank you, Jacob, for guiding us on this path of wisdom, balance and well-being”


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