Testimonials are the best way to get a feel for what is on offer and what various people get out of working with Jacob both as clients receiving healing treatments and as students in his Qi Gong movement classes.


Treatment Testimonials:

Shelora Fitzgerald

“Jacob has been giving me Qigong treatments regularly for the past 3-4 months, and each time I have felt an acute sense of his “mastership” qualitities. I trust and feel safe in the cocoon of energy Jacob creates in his sessions. I have noticed amazing results after each treatment. I deeply value his nurturing and compassionate nature and I highly recommend him. Jacob is committed to his work. I hold him in profound, high regard. Jacob is truly a gifted healer.”

Angelica Burns – HeartspaceCreations.com

“The first time I met Jacob, he had just started learning Qigong. For fun, he took us through a few exercises and I immediately thought “what a natural, and a great teacher too!”. Since then I’ve watched him immerse himself totally in Qigong teachings with a dedicated practice. I have received numerous Qigong healing sessions from Jacob. I can honestly say, every time, I have experienced deep relaxation. He’s helped me calm my nervous system and a a session I  feel energized and peaceful. Jacob is a natural healer, and I highly recommend him. He is also a pretty funny guy :)”

Maki Honawa

“Jacob is a gem of a healer,  and Vancouver is lucky to have him!  I am so impressed with his deep intelligence and qigong healing techniques and knowledge that he has brought to me as his client.  He has gone far deeper with me into areas that I have navigated around, and avoided for many years, despite all of the enlightened educational courses that I have taken for thirty something years.  His manner is calm and patient along with a very generous heart.  He is perfect for transformational healing.”

“More specifically, I was unable to walk before Christmas, 2017, with excruciating pain on the left side of my hip and down my leg.  I was in despair.  Medical examination showed that my left hip needed replacement surgery, and my doctor put me on the waiting list.  Jacob prescribed a series of Healing Sounds and I noticed the immediate relief of pain after just a few days of diligent practice.  This prescription worked for me, and I will continue to follow it.  I will not be having the hip replacement surgery.  I am doing these exercises in conjunction with a kinesiologist, who is helping me strengthen my joints, and TCM herbal therapy.  This is a long-term commitment to my health, far preferable to invasive surgery.”

Nadia Ashley – actress, writer, teacher.  (England, Vancouver).



Class Testimonials:

“The Qi Gong class led by Jacob Larmour has added value to my life.  For example, hearing Jacob describe the wonders of nature around us, including how our total systems function and respond to this practice, has enhanced my outlook. Jacob’s teaching style is very clear and I appreciate that he explains the meaning behind the movements. Each class incorporates a new exercise, which provides more interest for me. Practicing Qi Gong under Jacob’s guidance is an important ingredient in my recipe for wellness and self-care, for which I am grateful.”

Zoe Napier-Hemy


“You are a source of healing, beauty and wisdom.  Thank you.”




“Jacob, thank you so much for introducing me to Qigong.  I love it and your enthusiasm makes the class great!”


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