Therapeutic Services


My goal as a healer is to help bring you back to your center, to that place of stillness and power where you are in harmony with whatever is going on with you and with your environment. This means treating on several levels, the physical body, the emotional state of being and the spirit itself. The Chinese tradition of medicine encompasses these levels and recognizes that they are constantly affecting each other.

Healing Modalities

The Ba Gua or 8 phases

I use several types of treatments within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) scope:


Tuina (Chinese massage)


Medical Qi Gong Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine

A typical Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment will incorporate one, several or even all of these modalities depending on what is called for in your particular presentation and what you feel personally comfortable with. My background is in energy work and indeed this is what brought me to Traditional Chinese Medicine which I consider to be one of the most sophisticated and widely practiced forms of energy medicine in the modern world.

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